Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Farewell to the Prachachuen Residence

Three nights to go before we leave Prachachuen Residence for Metro Park Condo. 8 months here as we've decided to break the contract where the 2 months' deposit will be forfeited. We should have waited till end of May but Keiron just couldnt wait any longer. I'm now in the midst of packing things on my own as he's away at work. 2 more days to get everything packed and off to Metro Park on Saturday morning. It's about half an hour from here if we dont get stuck on Ngam Wong Wan Road.

Just look at my achievent so far...he,he,he....I'm really not good at this....HELLLLLPPPP!!!!

Three suitcases of books and a box of clothes.

Hmmm...I'm gonna miss Prachachuen Residence:

1.the friendly and 'ever willing to help' staff; from the receptionists to the guards: who are very efficient and quick in responding to any reports made;

2.the laundrette lady who assists us most of the time (as we would leave our laundry in the machines and go off and come back three hours later);

3.the convenient store and 7-Eleven which have always been my life saver;

4.the salons: Pad's and Ginza;

5.the markets: Prachaniwet Market, Phong Phet Market, Bon Marche Market;

6.the 'nuat'-cheap massage: at Tesco Phong Phet, Ngam Wong Wan Road, Phong Phet Market, a few around Prachaniwet;

7. Prachaniwet Sports Centre: yoga and aerobic sessions;

8. the Chicken Rice Shop at Kasemrad Hospital;

9. Central Plaza, Chaengwattana;

10. crispy fried chicken at Phong Phet Market;

11. the night market next door which takes place 3 times a week; and last but not least

12. having Din and family as our neighbour.

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