Friday, 30 January 2009

Halal groceries in Bangkok

Halal Australian beef and lamb at Siam Paragon.

I decided to post this as my response to one of the blog visitors, who has just moved to Bangkok from Jakarta. Thank you for visiting and I'm glad that you found it informative.
To start off, halal chicken and beef can be found at almost all big wet markets in Bangkok but dont be surprised as some smaller markets have them, too. Besides the wet market, halal chicken are also available at the Home Fresh Mart (supermaket at the Mall chain stores & Siam Paragon) and TESCO Lotus. The Home Fresh Mart also sells halal processed chicken such as chicken cocktail, salami etc. Please beware when buying from TESCO as not all is Halal. Make sure you check the label before purchasing. Some CP chicken are halal, too, as they come from farms different from the non-halal ones. Halal mutton and lamb are available at Bak Rak Market and in front of Masjid Ban Ooo, behind Shangri-La Hotel, near Saphan Taksin BTS Station.

The French-Thai Butchery has its main store at Sukhumvit Soi 33 (near Villa Market). Besides that it also has its counters at Villa Market all around Bangkok. The French-Thai Butchery supplies halal grade 1 beef. You have the choice to pick any parts of the beef which you like based on the chart provided. Unfortunately, they do not carry lamb.
Halal bread by S.T. Bakery sold at certain 7-Eleven stores.

Halal healthy breakfast cracker is available at Tesco Lotus.

Halal organic cereal bars at Villa Market.

Chicken sold at Home Fresh Mart which is available at Siam Paragon and all The Mall supermarkets.

Allowrie butter and cheese produced in Thailand are halal, but the ones imported from Australia are without the Halal certification. There are a few other brands with the Halal certification. There's even halal mozzarella cheese at Home Fresh Mart.
Caroline mozzarella and samsoe cheese
Halal Mascarpone cheese by Caroline are available at Villa Market.

Soft tofu
Halal ready to cook beef and chicken by Kin Sun: available at the Mall supermarkets

Halal yellow noodles at Top's Market

Halal Australian beef and lamb burgers are available at the Emporium, Sukhumvit Soi 24.

There's a Halal minimart called Halal Express at Minburi, on the way to Nong Chok.
Fresh beef and lamb cuts are available at Sindhorn Steak House minimart on Ramkhamhaeng Road.
Fresh beef, mutton and lamb are available in the morning at Silom Soi 20 Market & in front of Masjid Ban Oou, behind Robinson's Bang Rak.
Ramly burger and chicken sausage are available at Carrefour Rama IV and a Muslim shop adjacent to Fahana Italian Restaurant on Rama IX Road.

p.s.I shall keep updating this post with current info from time to time.


Unknown said...

Sawadeekaaap Kak Lynn! Good job on the blog! very informative especially for the muslim farangs..just to share that last time, sometimes my family will take a drive to Saha Farm to buy halal groceries especially halal chicken. They also have a Halal food court on the first floor. You can check'em out here - ..

LYNN said...

Sawasdee kha cuz,
Thanks for dropping by and your additional info. Yeah, Saha Farm in in Pattaya and there is a kiosk at Talad Thai selling their chicken products, too. I tried going to the link but unfortunately, it's no longer available.

Delaila said...

Hi Lynn ... Thank you for this posting. Me and my husband has just relocated to Bangkok a couple of months ago (well, he is while I still travel back and forth between KL and Bangkok). We are having trouble to find halal meats ; we tried Emporium, Paragon, Central World and so far, not much luck. We only stumbled upon some limited cuts of chicken but no beef at all. Do you mind sharing where exactly are the open wet market? Any halal supermarket that you know of? Thanks much :)

LYNN said...

Hi Delaila,
Which part of Bangkok are you at?
I usually go to Thungkru market on Pracha Uthit Road. It's situated across River Chao Phraya. There're many ways to get there depending on where you are from. If you check out the map, it's parallel with Suksawat Road. Halal cut beef is also available at Sindhorn Steak House on Ramkhamhaeng Road.
If you need futher info, kindly contact me at

Anonymous said...

Salam Lynn,

Thanks so much for the infos on Halal
Foods. You are stupendous.

ALLAH bless.


Unknown said...

Dear Lynn, i have searching get fresh Goat/Mutton meat since long can you please guide as i had been to Bang Rak market and couldnt find it..where is exactly any land mark to locate it? further fresh mutton is fresh available from timing?> do i need to go in the morning can i get it in evening or afternoon..pls assist and any other place besides Bang Rak market?
pls mail me on

Anonymous said...

Alhumdulillah for your efforts to post all things Halal on your blog. I'd like to help you with one more place to find Halal Beef- The Thai-French Phon Yang Kham Butchery. Their main shop is located in the parking area of Villa Market Sukumvit soi 33 (opposite Emporium shopping Mall). There they have good quality beef (better than that of the local market beef) but at a slightly higher price. There is a Halal certificate shown at the counter. They also have their beef sold in most of the TOPS supermarkets, Paragon, emporium supermarkets and Villa market Hope this helps na ka
p.s if u need any more info u can contact me at

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

Thank U for maintaining such an informative blog, very very helpful.
I have just moved to Bangkok and am thinking of moving to Soi 24 Sukhiumvit. Does the Carrefour or Tesco on Rama IV sell hall chicken/meat?


Bangkok Ali said...

Hi Lynn,
I am Living in Bkk for 18 years. Now a days i am uncomfortable with Halal meats in supermarket. For an example, S,pre chicken before they make green color Halal same as your photo, It is original.But Now, it is not available . instead of this Halal ,supermarket staff put some Halal sticker only some packs.Its same thing in CP products. Pls let us inform the details. Thanks Ali

LYNN said...

If you don't feel comfortable, I would suggest you to purchase from a Muslim vendor at the wet market.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the information really helped, i have to ask that the chips or lays are they halal

LYNN said...

Buy products with 'halal' label on the packages.

LYNN said...
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Anonymous said...

Terima kasih banyak2.

Awak berjihad dgn memberi maklumat berguna.

Insya Allah saya ke Bangkok bulan Mei ni... :)


Jamil said...

Hi Lynn this is a brilliant blog. Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

good piece of info Thanks Lynn and keep updating if have any info near Sukumwith road