Sunday, 11 November 2012

Eating Etiquette in Islam: the importance of drinking water in our daily lives

Islam Recommends One-Third of our Stomach to be Reserved for Water

This tradition comes to us from the Prophet (S) that:
One-third of your stomach should be filled with food, one-third with air, and one-third with water.
Islam therefore, recommends its followers and the whole of humankind to drink lots of water throughout the day and this has several electrical and chemical merits as well. 
According to Heistand and Coleman (1999):
The entire electrical function of every cellular process in our body depends on the electrical            conductivity contained within every molecule. This conductivity increases and decreases depending on the hydration levels of our cellular structure.

Drinking water will greatly increase the hydration of every cell within minutes of taking the drink. And, this rapid interface can only be achieved with water (because of its highly balanced electrical matrix) and no other fluids.

Apparently, drinking lots of clean water is one Islamic way to cleanse oneself from toxins inside the body and introduce highly charged energy to the energy fields surrounding the stomach and intestines. Truly, water (mercy from Allah) has been termed the elixir of life. Brennan (1987) suggests (to healers, especially) to always drink a full glass of spring water between healing sessions. Drinking water before any kind of performance that involves mental effort has been well researched to have endless advantages.