Thursday 5 May 2011

2011 Nonthaburi Durian Fair

2011 Nonthaburi's Durian Fair and Cruising to Pay Homage to 9 Temples

5-15 May 2011 at Central Plaza Rattanathibet. There will be sales of good quality durians and best products of Nonthaburi Province.

21 May-5 June 2011 at Wat Yai Sawang Arom. There will be durian contests, local performances on stage, sales of best products of Nonthaburi Province and sales of several kinds of flowers and decorative plants. Besides that, cruisesto pay homage to 9 temples around Ko Kret is available free of charge for visitors.

For more information, please contact Nonthaburi Provincial Administrative Office on tel: 02591 6700 or the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) on tel: 0 2250 5500 ext. 2991 or TAT Hotline 1672.


Vineet said...

Can you tell me what can be done at a Durian Festival that can't be done otherwise? Is is just a large varieties of Durians which you can;t othewise taste?
Me and my family are in Pattaya from the 22nd to 25th May and in Bangkok from 25th to 1st June. Which Durian fest will be convenient to attend?

Also, in Bangkok, where can one eat good Durian in comfort? You can;t carry it into your hotel room and the only place I know are the roadside carts. Is there any food court or market, where one can sit and Eat Durian at peace.:-)


LYNN said...

Dear Vineet,
Since you will be in Pattaya, you can go to Pattaya Fruit Garden or better still take a half day trip to Supatra Land in Rayong where you can enjoy the fruit as much as you can eat. Pay about THB300 per pax entrance fee and you'll enjoy your day there. You can either rent a car or go to any tour agents in Pattaya and sign up for the tour.

Most of the malls in Bangkok do sell durian but of course at a higher price. You can also buy from the roadside and enjoy them at any of the public parks in town.