Friday, 9 April 2010

Why Muslims should not dine at non-halal seafood eateries-I.

I've been getting many enquiries on why Muslims shouldn't dine at non-halal seafood restaurants, especially in Thailand. Below are extracts taken from a Thai cook book.

Let's look at the ingredients used in preparing my favourite tom yam kung:

...all the other ingredients are ok but...chicken stock is added to enhance the flavour of the soup. Sometimes pork stock is added.

What about steamed fish? Afterall it's just fish that is steamed. Let's check it out:

Pork fat is used for the shinny effect and chicken stock is to enhance the flavour.

Chicken stock is used as as flavour enhancer.

Although it's a vegetarian curry, chicken stock is used here, too.

Supposedly a seafood dish but whisky is added to it.

These are just a few examples that I have encountered in English. There're more but in Thai. I'll add more from time to time, yeah.


Iskandar Syah Ismail aka DR Bubbles said...

Puan Lynn,

Saya suka entri blog puan.Banyak maklumat menarik tentang makanan halal di Bangkok. Saya baca entri terakhir puan sehinggalah kepada entri pertama.Saya bercadang untuk ke sana lagi suatu hari nanti.

Saya pernah pekena BBQ di Sinthone ( berhampiran Alexander Hotel) Ramkhamhaeng Rd. pada tahun 2008 yang lalu.

Teruskan menulis!

Anonymous said...

You are a Thai Muslim for goodness sake. Not an Arab muslim

LYNN said...

Assalamualaikum wbt.
What do you mean? What's the difference between a Thai Muslim and an Arab Muslim? What about Muslims from other countries?

CikguIsya said...

Thanks Lynn for the least ada evidence. It makes it easy to tell our friends who think all seafood menus are halal over there.

teh inda said...

Dear bu Lynn,
semoga selalu semangat menyebarkan info seperti ini. InsyaAllah banyak yg membutuhkan. Barokallah.

Sorry for the "anonymous" above, your comment is such a weird one. All muslims are all the same, we have the same right to eat halalan thoyiban food.