Sunday, 11 May 2008

Halal Food in Pattaya

9th May 2008-Friday
5.45pm: Received a call from Keiron giving me two choices to where we would be spending our weekend, either to go to Pattaya or Hua Hin. I told him to come home first and decide later.

6.00pm: He reached home and both of us packed our stuffs and headed for the car. Our friendly neighbours asked, 'Pai nai?' (Where are you going?) and I said 'Mai Ru' ( Dont know), to illustrate that we're not sure of our destination at that moment. They looked puzzled. How could these people dont know where they are going? must have been in their thoughts. We got into our car and drove off leaving Tharvin House, Khlongluang 40 without any decisicions yet. On the way we stopped by at Din Daeng Mosque to perform our Maghrib and Isya' prayers and resumed our journey. By then we had decided to head for Pattaya. On the way we stopped by at a Muslim Restaurant at Assumption Road, Si Racha Town. We had a bowl of delicious kueyteow Radna for only THB35. Si Racha is about 15km from Pattaya. We continued our journey and decided to put up a nite at The Family Holiday Mansion on Soi 13, Pattaya 3rd Road. A room with a double bed costs THB600. It's a three star hotel with a clean and comfortable room and has a swimming pool. It also has a safe car park with 24hrs security. After checking in, we went out looking for DVDs (this is one of the things we do over here). While roaming around, we saw this nice looking place called Keerati Home Stay and decided to check it out. One of the many things that I like in Thailand is that you can view the room without any obligations. We went up to the first floor...and...ohhhh I really like the paintings on the wall. They are painting of various flowers on old wood. The decor made us feel as though we were in a traditional house in Malacca....the floor tiles used, the wooden windows and doors....a four-poster wooden bed and the bathroom was really comfy.We fell in love with the place instantly and were informed that it cost THB900 per nite. Without any serious thoughts, Keiron just blurted out THB800 and the guy who entertained us agreed, told us that we can check in as early as 8 on the next morning. Besides that we could use the facilities ( swimming pool, gym, sauna etc) at the Metropole hotel which is just next door.....and the best part was free wi-fi. We agreed and paid the deposit and left.
Keerati Home Stay
33/40, Moo 10, Soi L.K. Metro Pattaya City, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150.
Tel: +66 3841 6234 email:

10th May 2008
11.00am: Checked in at Keerati and went to have brakfast cum lunch at a Muslim eatery opposite a mosque on Sukhumvit Road, after the junction to Pattaya North Road (Pattaya Nua) if you are from Pattaya town going towards Bangkok. We had Rotii(roti canai) with Kaeng Neua (beef curry) and Kaeng Kai (chicken curry). 2 pieces of rotii cost THB60 and the two bowls of curry cost THB60, too. After lunch we went back to Keerati to lepak and watch the DVDs we bought on the day before. In the evening, Keiron went out to get some thulian(durian) and mangkut(mangosteen), and chocolates, too. We spent the whole evening surfing the net and watching DVDs at our own time as both of us have a notebook each.

11th May 2008
11.30pm: Checked out from Keerati and went to a Muslim restaurant situated at Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya) Road. Coming from Sukhumvit Road, you'll pass Carrefour on your right. The restaurant is on the left not far from the traffic lights of the junction to Pattaya 3rd road. This place serves typical Thai dishes from kueyteow(noodles in soup) to ala carte rice and other Thai dishes. Price starts from THB40. We had the noodles and they are tasty.

After having the noodles, we decided to have croissant and french bread at a French bakery called La Boulange Pattaya at 245/166 Moo 9, Pattaya 3rd Road; tel. +663 8414914 or visit

After having bread and a cup of cappucino we headed for Toatilla Mosque at Pattaya Tai (South) Road for solat. Then, we decided to have seafood at Bang Saen beach which is about 30 km north of Pattaya, on the way back to Bangkok. There are many Muslim food stalls at the beach road. This is a local beach as most of the visitors are local Thais. This place is equivalent to Port Dickson in Malaysia. Though this beach is popular among the locals, the food is no doubt pricy. We had 6 poo yang (grilled crab)-THB400 and a bowl of tom yum goong (fresh water prawn tom yum)-THB180.


oktadyaz amran said...

Hi Lynn.
I am going yo visit pattaya on July 1st to July 5th 2010. I will be staying at dynasty pattaya resort at south pataya near Royal Cliff beach resort.
Could u suggest me halal eatiry/establishment around/near my hottel.

LYNN said...

I don't think there's any near that hotel. You will have to go to either Jomthian or South Pattaya. Check out some of the restaurants at:

Unknown said...

Dear Lynn,

In 24th August to 27th August, I will be at Pattaya. And my accomodation at Amari Hotel. Can you please suggest any halal food near there? Thank you.

LYNN said...

Dear Fahmi,
If you'll be staying at Amari Orchid, just go to A-One Hotel next door as there is a halal restaurant in the hotel.

You can also refer to:

Unknown said...

Thanks Lynn for your assistance.

LYNN said...

It's my pleasure. Have a pleasant stay in Pattaya;)

nash789 said...

Hi Lynn,
10 of us will be going for a night trip to Pattaya on 29 Nov 2010.Could you recommend me budget hotels near the beach and hala restaurant please..Thank you from Auntie Samiah

LYNN said...

Auntie Samiah, could you please drop me a line at Thanks.

tarik said...

As sallam o alaikum !
We will be in pattaya insha Allah 0n 25th Oct 2011 and shall be staying at Hotel Four seasons place for three days.Could your please recommend halal food restaurants near our hotel.

Jazak Allah O khair