Monday, 5 April 2010

Halal food in Hua Hin, Prachuabkhirikhan, Thailand.

There are very few halal eateries in Hua Hin. Below are three places which are not far from each other but kindly observe their opening hours.

There's also a Muslim lady selling yellow chicken rice(khao mok kai) at the night market on Soi 72.

Click on map to enlarge.
Map of Hua Hin town.
A simplified version of the earlier map to indicate the location of the 3 halal eateries.

No.1(on the map)is located in Chat Chai Market. You have to walk into the market to get to this place. It's open daily from early morning till about 4pm. It's better to go before 12pm. The menu is very basic. If you'd like to have lala as shown below, you can get it yourself from the market (get the ones with basil leaves in the pack) and gave it to the cook as she'll prepare it and charges very little for the cooking. I got the lala for THB25 per pack and paid THB30 for cooking charge. You can also order a day in advance for special requests. This place is rather hot as it's not a proper restaurant. People usually eat and leave immediately. If you're not comfortable dining here, just take away and dine on the beach...he,he,he

Khao phad kung(fried rice with shrimp)+phad kanna plaa khem(kailan with salted fish)=THB50
Phad kaprao hoy laai (stir fried lala with basil leaves)

No.2 (on the map). Just look for No's Bra Shop and this restaurant is opposite of it and next to ABSORBA Salon. It's open daily except for Monday, from 9am-8pm. The speciality here is chicken murtabak but they have other food, too. If you'd like to have a custom made menu, such as steamed fish, crab or other seafood dishes, you can order at least a day in advance as they are not in the daily menu. They'd buy according to your request.

Tom yam kung = THB40
Matabak kai (chicken murtabak)=THB25

No.3(on the map)
- located at the junction of the back entrance to the night market. It's right opposite of the Railway Restaurant. It's just a road side vendor with three tables and chairs. If you're looking for authentic Thai dishes, here's the place. Each small bowl of dish costs between THB20 and 30 only. We had two bowls of tom kha, a bowl of tom yam, young bamboo shoots, lala and a plate of rice for THB140 only! You can only find this stall between 5 and 11 pm daily.

The raw vege (ulam) is free. Just ask for namphrik kapii (sambal belacan).
Phad normai (stir fried bamboo shoots) & phad hoy laai (stir fried lala)
Tom kha kai ( It's like tom yam but with coconut milk). I love it.
Tom yam kai (chicken tom yam)


Anonymous said...

I am KJ from Malaysia. I went to play a lot of golf in Hua Hin. I went to Stall No.1 & No.2. They are all serving good & delicious food. Thank you for giving the directions.

Anonymous said...

I am a newbies in Hua Hin. Actually, I am from Malaysia and I play a lot of golf in Hua Hin.

I have been to Stall No. 1 & No.2. They are all serving good & delicious "Halal" food. I will look for Stall No. 3 soon.

Thank you very much for providing the directions.

LYNN said...

Dear KJ, actually I've found more eateries along the railway station road but haven't uploaded the photos yet.
If you are from Rest.#2,go down the road passing the railway station on your right, you'll see a 7-Eleven on your left. There's a Muslim vendor selling Thai beef soup noodles just next to the 7-Eleven in the evening till late night. It closes on Sundays.
Move further down, on the right (next to a fruit stall), there's another halal stall selling fried chicken, nasi kerabu and Thai yellow chicken rice. It starts from about 4pm till about 10pm.

Go a little further down, you'll see another halal stall also on your right, which starts in the morning till about 4pm.

Omar said...

Assalam u Allikum

I am due to visit Hua Hin in connection with a conference and find your information useful in context of finding Halal food. Just a query, i saw McDonlds in the map, is not fish burger served by McDonald "halal"?

LYNN said...

Wa'alaikum salam wbt.
Mc D is not halal as it serves pork. So, it's up to your discretion whether to take the fish burger or not. I have no 'authority' to decide whether it's halal or not;)

LYNN said...

You can also dine at Secret Recipe located at 'Market Village' mall. It's a Malaysian fast food chain which serves halal food.

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

mosque in hua hin, my dear?

LYNN said...

There's no masjid in Hua Hin. The nearest is in Cha Am, which is about 15 mins drive from Hua Hin town.

LYNN said...

Check out the masjid at:

Adam said...

Al Sallam Alikom wa rahmat allah wa barakato, this is Adam from USA, we have mosques in every town. In Ramada, every mosque offer iftar every day. It is wonderful for a muslim to live in USA but we don't have many muslims. I am planning to visit Hua Hin with my Palaya from August 28 to Sept 1. Thank you so much for offering this site and Halal food in Hua Hun. God Bless you. Adam

Dream écrivain said...

Hi, I'm Najiha from Malaysia. I'm studying Masters in Geotechnical Engineering at AIT Bangkok but were transferred here in Stamford,Hua Hin temporarily due to flood. Found ur blog very helpful,we went to stall no.2, the food is average but their roti pisang or roti banana is wonderful! Also found the stall you mentioned where the lady muslim selling yellow rice but since it's a bit uncomfortable to eat with an 8month year old,will probably try later in future. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn... Im Elliza from Singapore. I am now in hua hin. Am looking forward to d stalls that u mentioned. Thank u..

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn... Thks for the info. It really helps a lot cos I am in Hua Hin now. Place is beautiful but food is difficult...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,due to information Najiha.he studied at Stamford university.As I know this area is Palm Hills Recidence ,behind of this area is muslim village ,there is masjid ,Name is Nurul Ekhsan . Please be informed.Suyanto from Indonesia

LYNN said...

Thank you, actually my posting on Masjid Nurul Ehsan can be found here:
It's not in the area of Hua Hin but Cha'am, which is just next to Hua Hin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm not sure if I mentioned about break fasting in Hua Hin or halal place near Hilton earlier? Any halal rest opened during Ramadan near Hua Hin Hilton?

And which halal rest the nearest to Bandara Suites or Liberty Square? For break fasting also.


LYNN said...

I'm sorry I don't have the timetable for Hua Hin since I'm staying in Bangkok.
There is an Indian halal restaurant not far from Hilton Hotel, on Naret Damri Road...but can't remember the name. Just walk along the road and you'll see it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn,

I assume Indian rest serves vegetarian food at least.

What about in Bangkok near Bandara Suites or Liberty Square?

I saw your announcement Cili Padi will be closed. Deen Muslim is still open? I'm travelling for work and will arrive in Bangkok slightly before Maghrib. I'm afraid I won't have time to look around.


LYNN said...

Can you drop me a line at, please?

LYNN said...

If you'll be staying at Bandara Suites, Silom, you can walk to Thaniya Plaza and go to Beirut Restaurant on the ground floor near the escalator (opposite of Saladeang BTS Station).

Daumi Tahir said...

Salam...Dear Lynn, found your info very useful. We went there last week 16 of us and ate at stalls No 3 and finished her yellow rice and another one at the opposite end of Liab Tang Rodfai Road near the railway tracks, which was operated by a Siam Muslim lady married to a guy who made us the roti. Including the Indian restaurant operated by a Pakistani named Saddam, very, very expensive for just a snack of 2 teh tarik, 4 manggo lasse, paratha, papodom and 1 beriyani TB1140 it cost. Actually there is also a Hindu restaurant named Maharajah near Hilton which claimed their food as Halal. Wassalam..