Friday, 9 April 2010

General Advisory Note from the Embassy of Malaysia in Bangkok

Below is the General Advisory Note from the Embassy of Malaysia in Bangkok:

Please be informed that the Government of Thailand has imposed an emergency decree in Bangkok and a few of its neighbouring provinces starting from 7 April 2010 due to the worsening situation particularly in certain areas in Bangkok.

As a result of this emergency decree, we anticipate that the situation particularly with regard to traveling within Bangkok would be affected to a certain degree. While the current situation in Bangkok remains under control, the developments in the next few days especially during the coming weekend and the Songkran holidays on 13 April – 15 April 2010 would be uncertain.

For Malaysians who are living in Bangkok or visiting Bangkok in the next couple of days, we would like to make the following advice:

a) to avoid from visiting the hotspots occupied by the red-shirts particularly Ratchaprasong Intersection, Lumpini Park, Sanam Luang, Phan Fa Bridge in Ratchadamnoen Road and their surrounding areas where the roads have been closed;

b) to take extra care about personal safety and to remain vigilant;

c) to monitor events and the latest developments by monitoring the news from local and international media (print and electronic);

d) to avoid wearing shirts or clothing of certain colours such as yellow, red, blue and black so as not to be mistaken as part of the protest groups;

e) to register with the Embassy of Malaysia by calling up the Embassy or sending an email to the number and address stated below; and

f) to contact the Embassy for assistance, if necessary.

Embassy of Malaysia
35 South Sathorn Road
Tungmahamek, Sathorn
Bangkok 10120
Tel : +662 629 6800
Email :

Thank you
Best regards
Embassy of Malaysia, Bangkok

7 April 2010


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Take care

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Hai k Lynn....seronok baca ruangan blog akak....mmg teringin gi bangkok tp saya nak minta bantuan dr k lynn untuk guide jalan2 di sana boleh?.Saya pergi berdua dengan adik, saya jd ilang arah nak cari tempat menginap,jalan di bangkok & cari makanan yg halal...budget saya tidak besar k lynn..harap k lynn dapat membantu.Terima kasih

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Wa'alaikum salam wbt.
InsyaAllah. Kindly drop me an e-mail at