Friday, 22 August 2008

Prachuapkhirikhan, Thailand

On a samlor, a widely used public transportation. It costs 40baht per person.

mussels costs 20baht per kilo

at the Prachuap Bay jetty

Ao Manao or the Manao Bay, which is about three km from the Pracuap Bay is known not only for its lovely beach but also for its fresh and cheap seafood (aahan talay).

Vendors selling hor mok (otak-otak). 6 pieces for 50baht.

hor mok

poo talay (sea crab) costs 350baht per kil0. believe it or not, this particular crab which I chose is exactly 1kg.

Prachuapkhirikhan is a seaside resort in Tambol Klongwan, located about 290km south of Bangkok; about 3 hours by car. Tambol Klongwan is between Myanmar and the Thai Gulf and not far from the narrowest point in Thailand. It boasts nice, peaceful beaches. We had a great time at Ao Manao, where the locals spend their weekend with their families. Very few foreigners were spotted. I had a marvellous time eating fresh steamed crabs(poo talay), oysters(hoi naang rom), prawns (goong) and hor mok.

Sunrise at Prachuap Bay. Taken from the Hadthong Hotel room right across the beach.


Yanna said...

Kak Lynn.. the crab looks really good.. how much is in RM is 350baht? Just in case if I decide to go to Thailand that is..

LYNN said...

The currency exchange rate varies according to the current foreign enchange market. Most of the time it's about RM1 for every 10baht. 350 baht is about RM35.