Saturday, 30 August 2008

An expensive breakfast on a Friday morning

We had an expensive breakfast at Thong Lo this morning. A bowl of neua soup, a plate of Khor mok khai and a glass of cha dtum yen cost us 270 baht(song roy jet sip baht); 70 baht for the food we ate and another 200baht for unlocking the clamp at our car tyre!!! Well, we parked our car about 5 metres, across the street where we had our breakfast, and when we came back to the car...wallawe...the right, front tyre was clamped!!!

Serves us right for parking at a corner of the road!!! Then, we saw a ticket on the windscreen, in Thai and 500baht (ha roy baht)written on which means that we had to pay 500baht in order to unlock the clamp. So, I took a motor taxi to my office which is about three hundred metres away and bumped into one of my office drivers, Khun Koy, who was going out to run an errand. Instead of running the errand, he had to take me to the police box at Thong Lo junction and talked to the police on duty explaining my situation. The police went on his walkie talkie and told us to wait at the car as someone will 'entertain' us shortly. We walked to the car and waited for about half an hour before a policeman came.
This is Khun Koy, our life saver. He managed to negotiate with the policeman at the police station and paid 200baht instead of 500baht.
Another victim of the day!

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