Saturday, 30 August 2008

A damaging accident in the wee hours of 30.08.08

It was 2.30am and I was posting the earlier entry when out of a sudden, I heard 2 loud bangs; 1 after another within a few seconds. I went to the window and looked down from the 6th floor of our apartment. Ouch!!! I saw a pick-up truck with its bonnet stuck on wall of the apartment guard house and another dented pick up truck on the pavement about 5 metres away. I picked up my purse and the key to my unit, took the lift and walked to the entrance. The guards were there with some other residents who happened to be there while the accident took place. Not wanting to be seen as a 'kaypo chi' I walked past the guard house and went to the 7eleven which is about 50 metres away. I got a bottle of mineral water and a bottle of milk and walked back to the apartment. Oh yes, I brought my phone with me and took the following pictures, as though I was a reporter...he,he,he Since I was very curious to know what actually happened, I asked one of the guys at the scene and was told that the dented pick-up truck on the pavement was stationary, illegally parked at the corner of the entrance to the apartment. The other truck, in the picture below thought the former was moving and ramped into it which made it moved on to the pavement while the latter lost control and swerved into the entrance of the apartment and hit the guard house. Luckily the stationary truck did not hit a lamp post , just a few inches away on the left. After interviewing the witness, I went up happily as I was no longer in doubt!!! Not long after that the police came and followed by a tow truck and towed it to the police station, I guess. Anyway the police station is just about 1 km away. The stationary truck is still in tact as I guess the owner couldnt be located. I'm sure the owner will be very surprised tomorrow seeing that his truck is no longer at the place he parked it but on the pavement about 5 metres away from its original location.

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