Saturday, 13 September 2008

Annual Ramadhan Bazaar at Phetchaburi Soi 7, Bangkok

The Thai tea vendor prepares cha yen(iced tea with milk) which costs 12baht(RM1.20) a glass.

Roast chicken

Scenery along Phetchaburi Soi 7, where Masjid Darul Aman is

Delicious murtabak with generous amount of ground beef costs 30baht

Kai thod (deep fried chicken marinated with herbs)

Nasi campur

thodmanplaa(deep fried fish paste)-10pcs for 20baht

Khao tom (rice porridge)

Pretty Thai girl grills beef and chicken.

Thai popiah

Steamed chicken with herbs - 35baht

I feel very much at home here though it's much smaller compared to the ones back home in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. The 'Pasar Ramadhan' operates from 3 till 6+pm. Once the Azan Maghrib is on air, all the vendors disperse and leave for home. To get here, take the BTS towards Mo Chit station and alight at Ratchathewi station(N1). Soi 7 is about 300metres away from the station.


Yanna said...

Hi Kak Lynn.. it's me again.. SELAMAT HARI RAYA & MAAF ZAHIR BATIN..

Your blog makes me want to visit Bangkok you know.. I was always skeptical about going to Bangkok or a non-English/Bahasa speaking country (so unadventurous kan..sheesh) especially if I were to bring my two girls with me. But after reading your blog, it makes me feel "safe"... well then again maybe because you are there kot ;)

I do hope I'll be able to go there one of these days.. when's the perfect time?

waheeda said...

aaaaaa.....i miss the makcik who sold the martabak in soi 3..

Anonymous said...

Lynn, where to find Halal Bakery? I want to buy Halal Bread..

LYNN said...
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LYNN said...

Check it out at

Norhisham bin Othman said...

Still the best place for any Muslim tourists staying around Siam-Victory Monument or even Sukhumvit to eat or take away cheap halal food from morning till about 2100 hours. Do eat at Et Nab chicken rice stall just after the laundry shop on your left after the apartment building.. her stall is very popular as the price is so cheap. Other places are Ali Selatan or Kedai Bang Mong. The area here is peaceful and many of the residents here originated from the South of Thailand thus Malay is understood. The laundry charges here are reasonably cheap, the price of eating out is also okay and you would not get ripped off.