Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Dinner at Sizzler's, Major, Ekkammai

From left: Tiraporn, Duc,Yudhi,Lukman,Lynn,Razianna,Sue,Abigail

Thank you very much Khun Yudhi, Deputy Director (Programme & Development) for treating all of us at Sizzler's on last Friday, 12th Sept 2008. We had a wonderful meal and a great time together, on a wet, Friday evening. May God bless you and your family with good health, happiness and prosperity, always.


Ghazali Lateh said...

Hi Lynn,
It seems no different living in bangkok, since all types of food look very tasty. Enjoy your life there! I told you that mt cerpen and novel selected as Komsas text, yesterday I got another good news, you know what, 3 of my sajak also chosen. I dont even know the penerbit sent my collection. Thank God. I'm not a well known writer, of I dont refer myself as a writer as well.

LYNN said...

Congrats ghaz! I'm very proud to be a fren of a well known author and poet. Just imagine the number of students who'll be studying your texts and poems. I hope that one day you'll be a national laureate just like Pak Samad...InsyaAllah.