Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sarina & Marina Thai Restaurant - Ladphrao Soi 53/1, Bangkok

Sarina & Marina Restaurant is located in a small lane of Ladphrao Soi 53/1. It starts business at around 5pm till 11pm daily. It's best to take a cab there as it's very difficult to get a parking space nearby. We parked our car in Soi 51 and walk to Soi 53/1. It's not far from the Chok Chai junction and the Chok Chai Police Station. Once you get to Soi 53/1, walk in for about 5 metres and you'll see the stalls: 3 all together. One ala-carte stall, one noodles stall and the other is the beverage stall. You can either dine inside the building or on the road as seen in the photos below. The place is always crowded with not only the Muslims as the non-Muslims like to dine here, too. There were 3 of us and had white rice (khao suai), deep fried grouper with chili sauce (plaa kaao rat phrik), morning glory@kangkung (phat pung fai daeng), kailan with salted fish(phat khanna pla khem), shrimp tom yam(tom yam kung) & stir fried lala with roasted chili sauce(hoy laai phat phrik pao). All these dishes with 3 glasses of ice blended fruit drinks came up to THB550 only.

The stalls are right opposite of Tops Deli @ Tops Market

Kuaytiaw@noodle stall

Ala-carte Thai food stall.

The outdoor kitchen.

7 dishes can be cooked at the same time: service is very fast.

You can dine inside the building or...

...outside on the street.

The beverage stall.

The Menu (unfortunately none in English or with photos)
Click on menu to enlarge.

Sarina & Marina Restaurant

Ladphrao Soi 53/1,


Opening hours: 1700-2300hrs daily.
To get here, take the MRT and alight at Ladphrao MRT Station and take the exit towards the parking building. Walk towards the nearest bus stop and take one of the following buses: No. 8, 27, 44, 92, 96, 122, 126, 145, 178, 182, 502, 545. Press the bell when you see the Chok Chai junction, after Soi 51. Look for Soi 53/1 and you'll find the place without much hassle.

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