Sunday, 11 July 2010

Halal Seafood BBQ Buffet in Bangkok

With effect from 1st January 2012, the seafood buffet is no longer available. Instead you pay for normal buffet at THB139/pax and can purchase the seafood platter (photo above) at THB299 per plate. Fruit juice is no longer available, too. Only aerated drinks and drinking water are available.
(13 January 2012)

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11 July 2010
The 'Khrua Muslim kap Ton Mai' @ Muslim kitchen with trees serves seafood buffet at only THB159per pax. Drinks are charged separately though. Fruit juice is priced at THB25 per glass.
The food spread is a bit too much for small eaters like me...he,he,he. The restaurant starts its operation at 1700hrs till about 2230hrs. We were there at 1700hrs and only 3 tables were occupied but when we left at 1815hrs almost all the tables were taken up. All were local customers except for the two of us. At the end of the scrumptious meal, our bill came up to THB415 inclusive of drinks. Although there were just the two of us but we ordered 2 glasses of sweet pineapple juice (naam sabparot), 1 glass of watermelon juice (naam taengmo) and 1 bottle of mineral water with a bucket of ice. Roughly it's about THB200 per pax.

It would be good to make your reservation before going during weekends (Fri-Sun) as it can be really packed with locals.

Left signage: siifud tahlee phaaw (grilled seafood)
Right signage: plaa phaaw gluea (grilled fish with salt)

The seafood spread.

Grilled on our table.

Your choice of 'tom yam' is prepared individually by the chef. It's part of the buffet. (no longer available w.e.f. 1st Jan 2012)


Coming from the city centre, get onto Ramkhamhaeng Road and drive all the way to Ramkhamhaeng Soi 151. Once you see the following Kasikorn Bank on your left, take right and make a u-turn as Soi 142 is on the other side of the road.
Slow down after passing Ramkhamhaeng Soi 142/1 until you see the pedestrian bridge and the signage with the moon and star sign which has the name of the restaurant in Thai @Khrua Muslim kap Ton Mai, written in red.

If you go ahead of the bridge, you'll see the following signages. Do not pass the bridge.

Turn left into the little nameless alley just like the white car is doing.
And you've reached your destination.
There's ample parking space here.

'Khrua Muslim kap Ton Mai' Restaurant
50m before reaching Ramkhamhaeng Soi 142
Tel: 081 345 2901 / 089 455 3012 / 086 000 1278 - call for reservation
Opening hours: 1700-2230hrs

Musolla is available here.


Hasiah Kadir said...

Thanks for your info Lynn. This will be a great help for my family whenever I visit Bangkok.

John F Seademon said...

Oh man...why didn't they have this when I was there? I kept eating at vegetarian North Indian joints like Dosa King, and the joints at sukhumvit soi 5

hani said...

wow!another discovery!thanx kak lynn!will try this maybe this brother is coming.salams, putri.

ewan said...

I'll be in town again t o m o r r o w !
Gonna have this place added to the GPS!
Thanks Lynn.

LYNN said...

Ewan, I'll be going to Pratunam tomorrow. If you are in the vicinity, do let me know ;)

Rose said...

Hey I chanced upon your blog while "googling" for halal places to eat in Bangkok. Though I've been to Bangkok almost every year, after reading your blog I realised, I've not really explored most of the halal restaurants you've listed. Probably because I ate at the usual haunts everytime I'm there. Places like at Pratunam and Trok Surau.

I'll be travelling to Bangkok (again!) this coming august. I'll be staying at wireless road area. a distance to phloenchit BTS. Do you know of any halal restaurants around that area? If you know of any please do reply my comment?

If not I'll just tahpau food back to the hotel :)

oh btw, A&W and KFC in Thailand are halal right?

Keep up the good work you've done here!

-Rose, Singapore-

LYNN said...

Dear Rose,
Up till today I haven't come across any halal eateries around wireless road.The nearest would be around Nana.
As for KFC and A&W, they claimed to get their supply of chicken and beef from halal suppliers, but they have no certification from the Islamic Committee of Thailand. Due to that, I dare not say it's halal or not. It's up to the individual if you believe it's halal, without any doubts(was-was), it should be fine, I guess.

Rose said...

Hey Lynn,

Thanks for the reply!
We will buy food back to the hotel then (in case we're hungry at night hehe)

Will try to find food places listed on your blog.

Looking forward to my trip already!


Ewan said...

Just got back from Krungthep and Chiang Mai over the weekend. Stayed at Sukhumvit 77 near Carrefour On Nut. And I missed you again, Lynn. Hehehhe...
Will be in town again in September during Ramadhan!! Perhaps some buka puasa tips (and possible meet-up) later, p'Lynn krabb?? :-)