Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mumtaz Restaurant, Tiwanon Road, Nonthaburi

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Mumtaz Suki Restaurant is located near the Tiwanon-Samakhi intersection in the district of Nonthaburi, not far from IMPACT Mueangthongthani. It opens daily from 1100hrs till 2100hrs.

The kitchen offers a variety of delicious cuisines from sukiyaki to ala-carte depending on your preference. Chicken satay is available here, too.

Check out the reccomended menu below:
khanom cin : Thai noodles;
thod man kung: prawn fritters;
pawpia sawaan: popiah from heaven;
pet ob namphueng: roast duck with honey;
lin, nuea daed diaw: sun-dried ox tongue, beef;
phae' thod Mumtad: Mumtaz fried lamb;
plaa chon lui suan: snakehead fish wades the garden (ikan haruan);
plaa kraphong thod naamplaa: fried seabass in fish sauce (ikan siakap);
yam phak pung krob: crispy morning glory salad;
yam thua phuu: 4-angled beans salad (kerabu kacang kelisa/botol);
kaengsom kung cha om thod: prawn in Thai sour soup with fried cha om (Thai vege);
nok krajawkthed phad phrik Thai dam: Stir-fried ostrich with black pepper;
laab awk pet: Nothern style duck salad

My favourite drink here is naam boi (the middle glass). It's sourish and also known as 'air asam boi' in Malaysia.
Green salad
Khaaw phad puu: crab fried rice
Prayer room is available on the upper floor.

Mumtaz Suky & Restaurant
360, Samakhii Intersection,
Tiwanon Road, A. Mueang,
Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand.
Tel: 02-5881015, 086-8821647

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