Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Halal Seafood in Chonburi: Angsila & Bang Saen

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If you take Highway 3, coming from Bangkok, look for the signage to Angsila Market. Go towards Angsila seafood market by the sea and drive a little bit more (heading towards Bang Saen) till you see a stretch of seafood restaurants on your right. Look out for the sign below which says, "Yayaa Seafood" in Thai.

Khun Wa welcomes her customers.
Dining area

You can even rest on the hammock.

Part of the menu:

Thod man plaa : fish fritters - THB150
We only ordered this and some drinks as we've just had lunch at Bang Saen Beach.
Thank God there's a prayer room at this restaurant as couldn't find any at Bang Saen.

The prayer room faces the sea. No water is seen as it's low tide.

Yayaa Seafood
Monday-Friday: 0900-1930hrs
Saturday-Sunday: 0900-2030hrs

Tel: 081 781 3766 / 082 474 6270

If you'd like to dine later than the hours stated above, you can call Khun Wa and inform her in advance.


From Yayaa Seafood, drive on till you reach Bang Saen Beach.
There're quite a few halal seafood stalls along the Bang Saen Beach in Chonburi. Look for Tide Resort, and park your car across the road.The halal stalls are situated across the road, along the beach between the two signages below.

Stall 1
Stall 2
Stall 3
Stall 4
Stall 5
Stall 6
Stall 7
Finally, we had our lunch at stall 7, on Bang Saen Beach.
Yam hoy nang rom : fresh oyster salad - THB100
Tom yam kung - THB180
Phad phak kanna naman hoy kung sod = Stir fried kailan with oyster sauce and prawn -THB60
Plaa kraphong thod saam rod: Deep fried seabass in three-flavoured sauce -THB280

Since there were only 3 of us, we couldn't order many dishes. We were very full after clearing all the plates ;)

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Ewan said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've never been to Chonburi or Pattaya. This is very useful. And I drool looking at the fresh oyster salad. Wicked....!!