Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Halal food at Bon Marche, Prachaniwet, Bangkok

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Bon Marche is a popular spot among the affluent and trendy in Bangkok. It is owned by one of the Princesses of Thailand. It is a one-stop market consisting of several zones: Bon Market (a nice and clean market stalls selling fish, vegetable, fruits and cooked food), Bon Food Court, Bon Restaurant, Bon Service, Bon Plaza & Bon Jewelry. Below are photos of halal food available here.

These two stalls are opposite of each other.

Plaa duk fuu = crispy catfish salad
Plaa chon rai kang :steamed snakehead fish with Thai herbs
Naamphrik kapii: various kinds of Thai 'sambal belacan'
Khaaw yam : nasi kerabu

Noodle stall: noodle with tom yam soup is also available here, besides the normal soup. Noodles made of fish (sen plaa) is available, too.

Satay, ox tail soup, murtabak, curry noodle, yellow rice with chicken etc.

The food court which is facing a man-made lake is usually full during lunch hours on weekdays.
More shops are located at the plaza which is across the lake.

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