Monday, 8 February 2010

Halal grilled fish: Ramkhamhaeng 24, Bangkok

It's an outdoor eating place which starts from 4pm-midnight and located on Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24, in front of the Rajamangla National Stadium. Find your way to the stadium and park your car in the stadium compound at no charges at all.
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There are three ways to get here from Bangkok City Centre:

1. If you're from Rama 9 road turning into Ramkhamhaeng Road, do not go on the flyover. Take left, passing Foodland and The Mall Ramkhamhaeng. Once you see Big C on your left, take right and turn right at the traffic lights. Go straight till you meet another set of traffic lights and Shell across the road. Turn left and drive for another 500m till you see the stadium on your left. Turn into the stadium and park your car here.

2. Take the Rama 9 Road, go past Ramkhamhaeng Intersection and turn left about 350m after the SHELL station into Soi Thawonthawat 1. Go straight about 1.8km till you get to the stadium.

3. You can also take the Rama 9 elevated highway towards the airport and take the Sri Nakharin Exit. Turn left into Seri 2 Road and go right to the end of the road and you will see the stadium in front of you.

Park your car in the stadium compound. Walk out of the gate and turn right. Walk on till you see the stall.

If you're taking the cab, tell the driver to go to 'Ratchamangkhalakillasathaan, Ramkhamhaeng'.

Plaa tab tim

Kai yaang (grilled chicken)
Khun Nakhon in action: preparing som tam (papaya salad)

A set of grilled fish ( the Thais call it 'burnt fish')
medium = THB280 ; large = THB300

Delicious home made coconut ice cream(THB20) is sold just outside the gate of the stadium.
You can choose your own topping.


Hafiy said...

Where did you get that pic of those two kids?

LYNN said...

At the location itself, of course...but didn't mean to take their photo...didnt even realise they were there until when I uploaded the photos. Why?