Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Halal food in Banglamphoo, Bangkok

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There're many Muslim vendors selling food from morning till evening around the area of Masjid Cakraphong, not far from Khao San Road and Phra Athit Pier.
Masjid Cakraphong in the small alley of Trok Surao of Cakraphong Road.
Trok Surau is located opposite of the Tang Hua Seng department Store.
To get to Masjid Cakrapong you have to walk into Trok Surao.
Jok kai (chicken rice porridge) is sold on the main road, at the junction going into Trok Surao in the morning only.

The alley of Trok Surao leading to more food stalls and the masjid.
Jok kai = chicken rice porridge
Kapkhao nueng yang=1 dish=THB25-30
Kapkhao song yang=2 dishes= THB30-40
Rice with salted beef= THB30
Rice with 1 type of curry and salted beef=THB40
Kuaytiaw yen ta foo= Noodles with yong tau foo in soup=THB30
Kuaytiaw tom yam = Noodle in tom yam soup=THB30
Khao plao=plain white rice=THB7
Nuea khem= salted beef= THB35 per piece

Khao nuea daeng=Rice with red beef = THB30
Popia sot=Fresh popiah (springroll)= THB30

On Sunday, this restaurant serves 'roti' (roti canai/flat bread) only but on other days other food is served, too. If you'd like to have toast, you should ask for khanomphang ping.
Some useful words:
Khanomphang=bread ; neei = butter; namtan = sugar nom = milk; yem = jam ; sai = add; mai sai = don't add; chaa ron = hot tea with milk; chaa yen = cold tea with milk; chaa dam yen = iced black tea; chaa manao yen = iced lemon tea
Khao yam = nasi kerabu is also available in the morning only.

THB25 per plate


Van Djogdja said...

sawadee & salam from singapore, just got back from chiang mai. at changklan rd there's lot of muslim food too i have no problem looking for thai islam food there even in night bazaar area have few restaurants and roti stalls...

Dilla Abu Bakar said...

Tq for this info.