Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Halal food in Pahurat, Bangkok

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If you go shopping at Pahurat, you don't have to worry about getting a decent halal meal as there are a few halal places here.

1. Look for this place of worship of the Sikh. The building on its left is the Indian Emporium. Go into the emporium and walk across it to the back exit. Get out of the building and you'll see many eateries under tents. Turn left and you'll see the halal kitchen.

There're many tables but kind of warm as there's only one stand fan there.

Phad soba plaa muek (Fried noodles with squid) = THB30
This place opens daily from about 10am-4pm. If you come for lunch, this is what you'll see.
You can also order noodles or fried rice if you have the time to spare. If not, just get the plain rice and choose your dishes.

2. In the evening, if you go in front of the China World Shopping Centre you might bump into this lady selling deep fried fish cake just across the road.
....and also this guy, selling dried beef.

3. This halal shop is about 100m from Pahurat-Old Siam junction going towards the River Chao Phraya. It opens till about 4pm and closes on Sunday.

Old Siam on Pahurat Road

4. You can also go to the food court in Old Siam. It's situated on the 3rd floor. You have to go inside, walk past the coupon counter to the other side of the food counters that you can see from the entrance.
You can choose to have yellow rice with chicken or white rice with various Thai curries to choose from.

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