Thursday, 16 October 2008

Irma Resti Satryana Ismail left us at 12 am today, 16th.October,2008

When I checked my mailbox today I saw an email from a long lost primary school friend, Jamilah Mahat. We used to go to school together (though we were in different primary schools) when we were living at Lembah Keramat. The subject was "IRMA RESTI SATRYANA ISMAIL". It struck me a moment as I remember seeing Irma Resti in one of my FB friend's picture and actually sent a message to her and requested to be added to her friends' list. yesterday.

When I opened the mail, this was the content:


Hi Siti, this is Jami if you could remember me. How are you??

It was only you that came into my mind to share the sad news that Irma has passed away. Innalillah... Last I met her was 3 years ago when we both attended a reunion.

I have to google your name till I found where you are. Hope we can catch-up soon.

Best regards,

Dear All,

We received a piece of sad news this morning on the demise of our colleague, Irma Resti. She joined Murphy in 2005 and was the secretary to Austin Hourston, Technical Services Manager. Irma had just given birth recently. Last night, she was complaining of chest pain and was brought to the clinic for treatment. As at now, we are awaiting doctor's report on the cause of death. Her body will be laid to rest today after the zohor prayers at the Ar-Ridhuan mosque in Kampung Pasir. HRD has made arrangements for a bus to take our staff who wish to pay their last respects to Irma. As seats are limited, please contact Rose Niza (extension 8789) to book a seat. We are also passing the hat around for those who wish to contribute to Irma's family. Those who wish to do so may contact HRD Salimah ( extension 8808). On behalf of Murphy Oil.....Al-Fatihah.....
Irma Resti and I were close friends during primary school days. We had two Irmas the: Irma Resti and Irma Diana. We were separated after Std. 6 when both of them went to St. Mary's while I went to CBN. Irma Diana and I met again in UM after Form 5 and are still in touch till today but Irma Resti and I lost touch. I couldnt remember when was the last time we met.
My mom used to drive us back from school and we would drop her at her home in Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak.
I was just a day late in finding out that she was on FB too.
Anyway, she had always been a nice and good friend when we were together and will always be in my memory.
p.s. When I go back to Malaysia, I must get in touch Jami who used to be my neighbour, too.


Anonymous said...

Your site is very informative and helpful. We have just moved to Bangkok from Jakarta,will move to a permanent dwelling on Sukh. Soi 23 soon. Am actually researching on halal food eateries in the city as well! Struggling with the did you manage???? Keep up the good work!

LYNN said...

Thanks for dropping by. There's a popular Thai Muslim restaurant called 'Usman' on Soi Sukhumvit 22, next to the Imperial Queen's Park Hotel. It closes on Friday.
As for the language, I started by learning the numeric, which you'll find handy when going shopping...not too worry so much as you'll get the hang of it as time goes by. Getting the phrasebooks and Eng-Thai-Eng dictionary will be very helpful. You can get loads of this from Asia Books: there's one at Emporium, not far from your place.