Sunday, 12 October 2008

Craving for Briyani Rice at Tamil Nadu Restaurant

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Being Malay, these guys just cant go without rice. What is lunch without rice??? So, right after the Korean Bbq at Sakhol's place we headed for Tamil Nadu, a Muslim North Indian Restaurant on Silom Soi 11. According to the guys, this restaurant serves the best Briyani rice in town. Since I'm not a Briyani lover I don't really fancy this place. Anyway, they ate as though they haven't seen food for days!!! I had a glass of cold Lassi only as I was already full after the bbq lunch had earlier. Sakhol, please dont feel offended as the food served at your place was really's just that these guys have not had the Tamil Nadu's Briyani rice for more than a month due to Ramadhan!!!!

Just look at the number of dishes ordered. Notice the banana leaf which Din uses...that was taken from Sakhol's place...they miss eating rice on banana leaf...and it was my brilliant idea to bring along the leaf to replace plates!!! If you do go to Tamil Nadu Restaurant, please don't expect your food to be served on banana leaves, yeah.

We left home at 11am and reached home again at 7pm after an hour session of foot massage at a spa on Ngam Wong Wan Road, about 2km from our apartment.

Such a fruitful and quality Sunday spent with fellow friends in Bangkok.


nalluran said...

Assalamu Alaikkum, Thank you LYNN, this is very useful information.

LYNN said...

Wa'alaikum salam wbt.It's my pleasure, Alhamdulillah.

\""/ nikli said...

Thank you Lynn..
i found ur blog so informative..
i will be travelling to BKK and Pattaya next week.

I have no problem to find Halal food then.. Thanks..


tariq said...

hi u r doing great service to all the brothers and sisters looking for halal food. I recently visited Bangkok and i stayed at Holiday inn Silom and i found a very good Lebanese restaurant adjacent to the Hotel. The food and ambiance was excellent . Anybody who loves Lebanese its a must go restaurant and 100% authentic Lebanese.