Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Bangkok Lady Tuk-tuk Driver

Hey...look who's the lady tuk-tuk driver with her white and green(si keaw) bag in which she placed her collection. She has resorted to driving tuk-tuk after the price of petrol in Thailand was raised to 42.79baht...he,he,he.

Talking about the price of petrol over here, it's much more expensive compared to the price in Malaysia. The car I drive consumes about 1600baht of petrol per week besides the 40baht toll per trip for me to get to my office which is only about 20km(yi sip kilomet) in distance. It takes me about an hour(neung she mong) to get to office while Keiron takes about 30minutes(sam sip nathi)to his office which is about 40km(si sip kilomet) away from home. This is because my office is right in the middle of Bangkok town, along the Sukhumvit Road while Keiron's is in the province of Ayutthaya. I go downtown while he goes up north of Bangkok. We take the same expressway but towards opposite directions. In the evening, I'd leave the office earlier than him but he would reach home before me... It would be better for me to take the underground and sky train but I wouldn't want to be caught in the rain since it's rainy season now in Bangkok.

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