Saturday, 28 June 2008

Halal food in Bangkok: Our favourite chicken rice shop

This is our favourite chicken rice shop. It's run by a Thai Muslim family, located on Prachachuen Road adjacent to the Prachacuen Kasemrad Hospital, Bangkok which is about 1km from our apartment, The Prachachuen Residence. It opens from Saturday to Thursday, from 7am to 1pm. Friday is a holiday for the 'abang' (in the pix) and his family. The food served here is reasonably priced and delicious, too. Beef soup-50baht; Khao mok khai (yellow chicken rice)-35baht; Khao man khai (steamed chicken rice)-30baht; kuayteow (mee sup) with chicken or beef-25baht; Rice only-15baht; cha dtum yen (iced black tea) or cafe yen (iced coffee)-10baht; ice-1baht.

khao man kai kuayteow

cha dtum yen

This is the Kasemrad Hospital.

This is the Villa Market at the entrance of the Grand Canal. We get our groceries and foodstuffs from here. It's connected to the Sports City, which is about 2km from our place. The Grand Canal is an exclusive housing area where the houses are built along a long winding canal. The first phase of the project offers 90 homes, but the estate is expected to hold 500 when completely developed.
Prices for waterfront homes start from about Bt9 million for a three-bedroom house with about 300 square metres of built-up space.
The smaller homes away from the water’s edge go for about Bt7 million.
The waterfront units are grander in design, with views of the water’s edge from the living room.
They also have separate garages, ample porches and gardens. Views from the living area and bedrooms are quite stunning with the stone bridges, lush gardens and water bodies that abound.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, nice blog. I enjoy reading your blog. Patut letak lebih banyak gambar, bcoz I memang suka baca ttg tempat2 lain. It must be nice to be in Bangkok. Lookin forward to be there someday.


LYNN said...

Thanks, yeah I'll do that in future.Do let me know if you're coming. Would love to see you here.

Ghazali Lateh said...

Hi Lynn, why dont you write your experience staying in Bangkok. Just make as your daily diary, and you can compile it to be a book. I will be the first to buy it, then.

LYNN said...

Thank you for wanting to be the first to buy my book...
Frankly speaking, I'd like to but I'm so tied up with my work over know how I work, rite. That's the reason why my blog rarely gets updated. Fyi, I'm posting this while working.Got to get back to work...will be leaving office in about fifteen minutes