Sunday, 6 July 2008

Halal food in Bangkok: Ibrahim's Shop

Yesterday we had lunch at Ibrahim's Shop, situated at No. 455, Petchaburi Road, Soi 7 (Soi Sulao), Bangkok. It's two doors away from the Darul Aman Mosque. We were served by the owner's daughter who speaks English well. Besides being able to speak English well (phut phasa ungkrit kheng), she cooks well, too. We had a good lunch which cost us 210baht only. We had three servings of rice (khao), pla sam rod, khung sai setor, a bottle of water and a complimentary plate of deep fried cow's tongue (lin). Keiron said no wonder he likes to eat tongue very much as my name means tongue in phasa Thai..he,he,he

Sarina, the daughter of Ibrahim, who's also the chef.

Pla Sam Rod (Ikan 3 Rasa)- 130baht

Khung sai setor ( Udang & petai)- 50baht

deep fried cow's tongue - on the house

This road side vendor serves very delicious cha yen and toast.
There are many Muslim eateries along this soi (lane).

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