Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Busaba Muslim Roast Duck Restaurant, Sii Yaan, Bangkok

Coming from Samsen Road, turn into Nakhon Chaisi Road at Sii Yaan Intersection.

Go straight ahead till you see CIMB Thai on the left, opposite of Sii Yaan Wet Market.

If you take the BTS, get down at Victory Monument Station. Walk on the sky walk towards the monument and turn left to get to down to the bus stop. Get on the No. 14 bus from Victory Monument and pay THB6.5 (70 sen), if you take the orange bus & alight at Talaad Sii Yaan (Sii Yaan Market). The conductor will shout out the name of each stop. So, listen carefully. The journey takes about 20 mins.Cross the road and turn left. Walk towards CIMB Bank and BUSABA is just before the bank.

The kitchen is outside, just at the entrance of the restaurant @ kopitiam.

The front view of BUSABA.

The menus are all on the wall. So, you don't have to worry if you don't speak Thai as you can just point what you want.

Busaba serves not only ducks but beef, chicken and seafood, too.

A set of rice with roast duck and soup = THB35

A small plate of roast duck =THB60, while the big plate =THB100.

The nearest masjid to this restaurant is Masjid Noorul Islam.

It's situated about 100m in the alley of Sam Sen Soi 21, about 10 mins walk from BUSABA.

As you leave BUSABA, turn right and walk till you reach Sii Yaan Intersection. Cross the road and turn right again. You'll pass the Royal Irrigation building on the left and continue walking till you get to Sam Sen Soi 21, which is just next to Bank of Ayuthaya.

Masjid Noorul Islam

The wudhu' area and bathroom are on the ground floor.

The prayer hall is on the upper floor
Busaba Muslim Roast Duck Restaurant
151/4, Thanon Nakhon Chaisi (Sii Yaan),
Khet Dusit, Bangkok.
Tel: 02-6692232 / 084-160 2505
Monday: 0900hrs-1600hrs
Tuesday-Sunday: 0900hrs-2000hrs

Note: though it closes at 2000hrs, the duck is usually finished by about 1700hrs-even during weekends. It's also crowded during lunch hour: between 1200-1330hrs.


Ewan said...

Thanks P'Lynn krab... this is relatively easy to find.
Waking up early in the tomorrow to cook for sahur?

putri said...

so tempting the roast ducks....can't wait until syawal comes:)

putri said...

can't wait for syawal to come...:)

mrs. rahman said...

hi Lynn, if i stay at Howdy RElaxing Krabi, where can i find halal restaurant?

LYNN said...

If I'm not mistaken the nearest is in Aonang. You can also go to Krabi town.