Sunday, 15 November 2009

USMAN halal Thai restaurant in Bangkok

Kindly take note that Usman Restaurant closes for 2 weeks till 25th August 2012 in conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidil Fitri 2012

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If you take the BTS (Sukhumvit line towards Bearing) alight at Phrompong Station and take exit 6. It's a 5-minute walk through Benjasiri Park and go through Imperial Queen's Park Back entrance at exit at the main entrance in front.

Benjasiri Park

Back entrance of Imperial Queen's Park: closes at 9pm daily.

Once you reach the road in front of the hotel, turn left and you'll see a yellow signage bearing 'USMAN Restaurant' on it. Get into the little street as in the photo below:
Assalamualaikum and welcome to Usman Thai Restaurant.
Usman is a small, yet comfy Thai restaurant specialising in Southern Thai delicacies. Khun Usman (the owner), his wife (the chef) and a few of his staff speak Southern Thai Malay. Small private functions can also be held on the second floor. Prayer room is available, too. It opens from 10.00am to 10.00pm, Saturday to Thursday; closes on Friday.


Tomyam kung: hot and sour shrimp soup.
If you like the tomyam soup, you can purchase the homemade tomyam paste at THB80 per tub.

Puu phat phong karii: Stir fried crab with curry powder

Phat phet kai: Stir fried chicken with chili

Phat phak ruam: stir fried mixed vegetable

Phat kaprao pla muek: stir fried squid with sweet basil leaves

Phat kanna pla khem: stir fried kailan with salted fish

Kai thot krathiam : deep fried chicken with garlic

Satisfied Malaysians after a good dinner. Just look at all the plates-all gone!!!

Next to Imperial Queen's Park Hotel,
Sukhumvit Soi 22.
Tel: 02 2581135


Hana ( said...

salam sis!...i feel so hepi to stumble upon ur blog...:)....*thumbs up*....

btw, i need help....wat's the fastest mode of trpt to get to baiyoke sky hotel from Suvarnabhumi Airport?..thx in advance....

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, I've always been a fan of Thai food, and I must say that the food at Usman are simply marvellous! Thank you for having this blog. It's quite interesting and very helpful. Keep up the good work! ;-)

LYNN said...

Hana, the fastest way is by Taxi which costs about THB300. Since you're taking it from the airport you'll be charged extra THB50. Mind you that you have to bear the toll fees, too. The first one costs THB25 while the second one is THB45. All together about THB420.

Another option is to take the Airport Express which costs THB150 per person but I'm not sure if it goes to Baiyoke Sky. I know that it goes on Sukhumvit Road. But boarding a bus takes a little longer time.

Thanks Totenlots. I enjoy Thai food very much,too. I can never get tired of it esp. tomyam kung...he,he,he

Hana said...

Hi sis, thx for your reply...:)..really appreciate that...

dieya said...

hi lynn,

i must say that i totally love your blog! stumbled upon this post while i was trying to recall the name of a halal thai restaurant that i went to when i was in bangkok last year. i remember it's in Nana area, at an alley behind the main road. the owner is an african muslim, the workers are local thais. the food is amazing. best tomyam i ever tasted! the place looks a lot like Usman Restaurant, but i don't think they are the same. if you happen to know the place, will you please let me know? salam & hugs from malaysia!

p.s. i'll link your blog to mine ya?

LYNN said...

Hi Dieya,
Yeah, I know that little restaurant. I used to go there a lot when I first got here. Not sure of the name but it's between Al-Hussain Rest. and Petra Rest. on Sukhumvit Soi 3/1.

Sure, you can link my blog to yours.

Afifuddin said...

Dear Lynn,

I got your blog recommended by your cousin sharel+ina/ida coz I'm travelling to Bangkok this week. Lot's of info especially on the mosque location and also halal food. I was inform by my friend there is another restaurant name Usman and looking for details and finally found in your blog very detail, thanks.

Any idea to locate a mosque near Bangpoo industrial area?

Thanks in advance.

Seeing Places! said...

Hi I have been reading your blog on and off and there is so much info on such wonderful things to do and halal food to eat in Bkk that now i feel that 5 days in bangkok is just to less.... well i will b reacheing bangkok on the 1st of april morning and i have booked my stay in silom village inn.. can u tell me how to get to the hotel from the airport? shall i take the train or the taxi?
I will b travelin wid my husband so that makes two of us..
which will be the cheapest/convinient way to get to the hotel.
I hope u reply.thanks :)

LYNN said...

Fyi the Airport train is not in operation yet. Anyway the station is quite far from Silom Village Inn. You can take the Airport Express bus (Silom Line) on the first floor. It costs THB150 only per person.
Inform the driver that you are going to Silom Village Inn. The nearest masjid is at Silom Soi 20. There's another one at Silom Soi 13. During day time, there're Muslim ladies selling food just next to the masjid.

TAd said...

Your BLOG is really helpful. Thank you. I will be visiting Bangkok on 5 Nov 2010, and I hope to go to these restaurants. Thanks again. god bless.

Katarina Jobston said...

Ya betul. Makanan di Usman memang sangat sedap. Sangat berbaloi. Saya dah 20 kali datang, masih tak jemu. Mereka memasak ni, dari hati yg ikhlas untuk memberi tempat, kita yang muslim ni makan makanan halal masakan Thai di kota Bangkok ni.

Memang halal. Tanpa ragu.

Zaryme said...

As salam Lynn,
Saya guna info dlm blog u dlm family trip ke Bangkok 11/11/12 sampai 14/11/12. Puas hati bila makan di kedai Usman ni. Wife saya borong 5 tin tomyam paste utk saudara-mara di Malaysia. One happy customer :)