Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Halal food at various food courts in Bangkok shopping malls

GRAND DIAMOND PLAZA (next to Platinum Mall) - no longer available
The food court is on 4th Floor. Take the staircase via Starbucks.
There's only 1 halal stall called NURIN which sells noodles. Try the fish noodles. My favourite is fish noodles in tomyam soup.
Common utensils are used since this is a food court.

It's the same vendor as at Bon Marche (for those who have tasted the noodles at Bon Marche).

INDRA PLAZA(connected to Indra Regent Hotel)

Head for the food centre on 3rd Floor (new wing)
There are 2 halal stalls. For your information since this is a food court, common utensils are used.

The Mall Ramkhamhaeng

There's a Muslim counter at the food court on Level 4 in the same building as Home Mart supermarket. There's also the prayer room (hong lamat) on Level 3, in the building across the road. Go to the baggage department and exit at the car park. Turn right and you'll see a room painted in white. The signage (hong lamat) is written in Thai though.

Bobae Tower
The food court is located on the 6th floor. There's only one Muslim stall here and the food is really cheap: between THB35 & THB45 only.

American Fried Rice (fried rice with fried chicken, chicken sausage and egg): THB45

This fresh fruit juice counter sells very cheap drinks. A glass of ice blended fruit juice costs between THB15 and THB25 only.

Mah Boon Krong Shopping Mall(MBK)There are 3 locations in MBK where you can savour Muslim food : on 3rd floor, 5th floor and 6th floor.

3rd Floor: Islam (written in red) food stall. - no longer available as of January 2012
Its location is a bit difficult to find as it is located in the midst of clothes shops in the bazaar. If you follow the directions given below, you'll definitely find it.

All kinds of halal dishes are served here. A plate of plain rice with 2 kinds of dishes costs THB40. I was there very early, at around 11am and more dishes were still being prepared. By 12 noon there would be more kinds available. Besides the pre-cooked dishes, you can also request for ala-carte. I ordered tom yum kung as in the photo featured below.

Tom yum kung: THB50

How to get here: Walk to Zone D on the 3rd floor.
Turn right into Soi 6. Turn right when you see the shop called 'Kong Jong'.

Walk on and you'll see a mini foodcourt on your left. It's tucked between the clothes bazaar near the carpark.

5th Floor: Sultana at 'The Fifth Foodcourt'

6th Floor: Foodcourt
Menu inlcudes: Thai yellow chicken rice, fishball noodle soup, beancurd ball noodle soup, yong tau foo, ox tail soup and chicken soup. All for only THB35 each.

The surau is also on the same level at the beginning of Zone D, next to the carpark.
Yen tau foo: THB 35. This normally comes with red soup. Since I don't like the red soup, I requested for clear soup. You can say, " Mai au naam si daeng". si daeng=red

Ox-tail soup : THB 35

There's also a burger stall on this floor(Aug 2012).

Siam Paragon Shopping Centre
Wrap-It at Siam Paragon food court
Platinum Fashion Mall

Halal counter at Platinum Mall food court.


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Very good blog

Catty said...

Hi Lynn,

Really appreciate your blog.
Its really useful.

I will be going bangkok in mid Jan. Finding Halal food might be very difficult.

But at Platinum mall there is only one halal food store?

Anyway.. Thank you very much for your effort!!

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Ya Allah! I can't wait to eat in bangkok! Thank you so much for all the info. God bless you.