Thursday, 27 August 2009

Halal mutton in Bangkok

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Halal mutton can be purchased at Bang Rak Market between Thanon Charoenkrung Soi 44 and 48. The mutton stall is situated not in the wet market itself but at a one-stop halal area right opposite of Masjid Ban Oou. Besides mutton, you can also get halal chicken and beef here, too.
Goat feet
Minced beef (nuea bot) is also available here

There're halal food stalls behind the masjid, not far from the market. You'll be able to see them in a row on the way from Taksin BTS Station to the market. They are open daily from early morning till about 4pm.Bbq chicken and fish and somtam, too.
Rice with pre-cooked dishes.

Kuawtiaw (noodle) stall, right next to the one-stop halal area.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I notice your posting of the goat's feet. After observing the picture and sharing it with my wife, I incline to disbelief that they are goats' feet. They more look like pigs' feet. We may be wrong, but its worth your while to counter check the photo again.


LYNN said...

Wa'alaikumussalam wbt.

This photo is a close up of the goat's feet. They are actually much smaller compared to pig's fat feet, yeah. The seller is a Muslim and will definitely not sell pork at his stall, which is right in front of the masjid.

Thanks for your concern.

Physics Notes said...

These feets can not be goat's feet but they are certainly of lamb because i generally use to buy lamb and goat feet in bahrain. Lamb feet are bigger in size and very clean as u can see in this picture but goat feet is smaller in size and and a bit black

Anonymous said...

These feets are goat feet because first thing is that lamb meat is not available in Bangkok and secondly, these are boiled and cleaned that why it is very clean and no hair.

Ramesh Redekar said...

Is there any other store that sells Halal Mutton? I'm a regular at this store, but the quality varies and they are not at all customer oriented. There is a genuine reason, we don't like to buy Chops/ribs because we don't know the recipe to cook these little fellas. But the owner here, especially the man of the house always insists me to buy these, whereas we like to buy the leg piece/rann.

Today, I had to buy 2.5 kgs of chops/ribs when there were so many if legs available and the next two customers were given that. But he didn't give it to me. Very little customer oriented and very much self fulfilling profefecy oriented. I don't understand in this day and age how can they be so less customer oriented - just because they have a monopoly?

LYNN said...

Ramesh, you might want to go to the market on Silom Soi 20, next to the masjid. You have to go in the morning, ya.