Friday, 26 June 2009

Vegetable Kimpap aka Sushi

Today, after seeing my friends eating kimpap at school, I decided to try making it on my own. So, right after class, Mi Young and I dropped by at Villa Market to get the ingredients needed to make kimpap. I got:
a pack of seaweed

chuka wakame

golden mushrooms, zucchini and baby asparagus.

I have never made this before and really have no idea of where to start. Luckily there's a set of instructions on the seaweed pack. It says:
Step1: Place Nori onto sushimat ( since I dont have a sushimat I used foil paper.
Step2: Spread sushi rice (rice mixed with vinegar, sugar and salt) onto the seaweed. I didnt have the measurement for this. Wanted to check online but unfortunately internet was down. So I just mixed 3 tablespoon of apple cider with a little bit of salt and sugar. Since I dont have Korean or Japanese rice, I used a mixture of Thai Jasmine rice with Thai brown rice.

Step 3: Arrange fillings across the rice.

Step 4: Moisten edge of seaweed and roll lightly.
Step 5: Apply firm pressure all the way and make sure to overlap to seal.

Step 6: Moisten knife, slice into 8 equal pieces.

# You can add any fillings as desired. The next time around I'd like to try Kimchi Kimpap.

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