Monday, 15 June 2009

Farida Fatornee - Halal restaurant in Bangkok

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Farida Fatornee Restaurant is located on Phetchaburi Road, between Soi 7 and Phayathai Road. It takes about five minutes to walk from Rachathewi BTS Station (Exit 3) and also not very far from Masjid Darul Aman ( Phetchaburi Soi 7).

If you go shopping at Pratunam, take a cab or tuk-tuk from Platinum Mall or Panthip Plaza. Taking either the cab or tuk-tuk will cost you not more than THB 50 to get here as it's about 1km only from Pratunam.

Khun Faridah, the owner, hails from Southern Thai and speaks Malay. Her other half cooks very delicious Southern Thai delicacies. You shouldn't miss his deep fried ox tongue (lin thot) and deep fried mutton (pe' thot). Both are finger licking good!!! Try the ox tail soup (sup hang wua), too. If you cant take spicy food like me, don't forget to say 'phet nit noy' ( a little spicy) or simply say 'mai sai prik' means no chilies at all. Their degree of 'mai phet' (not spicy) could still be very spicy to some of us, he,he,he.

Phat prik kung - Stir fried shrimp with chiliSup kai - chicken soup
Phat kana pla kem - Stir fried kailan with salted fish

Plaa sam rod

Tom yum plaa muek (squid tom yum)


iswandy said...'s restaurant open in ramadhan?

LYNN said...

Yes, this year (2011) it opens till 10pm.

Anonymous said...

Salam lynn, in okt nanti i duduk kat Baiyoke Sky ...dekat ke dgn Farida? Macam mana nak pergi ke sana, tlg bagi direction sikit boleh?

LYNN said...

Enlarge the map and you can see the location of Baiyoke and Faridah Fatornee. Just follow the road on the map and you'll get to the restaurant;)

Mabrouk Bali said...

Hello, thanks you for your wonderful blog. I would like to know if i can use your pictures for my website. Thank you

LYNN said...

Mabrouk, kindly drop me an email at