Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Halal food on Koh Chang (Elephant Island), Trat, Thailand.

So far we found three halal eateries on the island:

Bobby's Food is on Khaibae Beach, 2 minutes' walk from Sea Breeze Bungalows and opposite of Morgan Tour. It serves rotee (roti canai) with all sorts of filling. The rotee is usually served with condensed milk and sugar on it-the Thais love it this way. So, make sure to mention that you don't want milk and sugar on it if you dont want it to be sweet. You can say "mai sai nom, mai sai dtum tan". But not to worry as the girl who prepares the rotee speaks English.

Look at the rotee menu on the board.

I luv goong!!!

Bobby's Food also serves ala carte Thai dishes. The tom yum goong(shrimp) sai pla meuk(squid) and the deep fried Siakap with chili sauce are marvellous.
And guess... who's the cook????...he,he,he....

Next, we found this seafood reastaurant called "Jay Mam" which is owned by a Thai(Buddhist) but the workers are mostly Muslim. There's no halal sign though but I met the three cooks who are all Muslim and assured me that the food served is Halal.
The name of the restaurant is written in Thai, so you need to remember how the restaurant looks like. It's located on Klong Phrao Beach, on the left if you going towards Khaibae Beach, between Klong Prao Wat and Amari Cove Resort.

The live seafood is placed in this pond. Sorry, no more left for the day as it has all been booked.
It's good to come earlier in the afternoon to book the seafood of your choice and come later to enjoy the cooked dishes.

Superbly flavoured Tom yum potek (mixed seafood): 150baht (RM15)

Hoy(lala) with chili and basil leaves : 120baht

Steamed Siakap : 400baht (RM40)

Pla meuk yang (grilled squid) : 130baht(RM13)

Besides all these dishes, we also had fried crab with curry paste : 250baht (RM25) and
Pla kapong samrod (kerapu 3 rasa which was too sweet for me): 180baht (RM18) and
a large plate of khao phad poo (crab fried rice) : 150baht (RM15)
(Sorry, I couldnt find the pictures of these dishes. I might have been too excited when the dishes came that I forgot to snap the pictures)

And here are the three lovely Muslim chefs:
Zailanee, Rohaya and Rozita (at the edge of the picture behind Rohaya-
you can only see her back).
Thank you very much for preparing a wonderful dinner for us!

The third Halal restaurant is an Indian restaurant on White Sand Beach called Taste of India Inn. We didnt try the food as we were not interested in having Indian food on the island.

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