Thursday, 1 May 2008

It's been a while since I created this blog but never really had the chance to post anything. Today, I decided that I have to start posting on it. Today is 1st of May and it's a holiday for the private sector but not the government sector in Thailand. Keiron and I are at Siam Paragon. We've been here since 3pm. We got stuck at Kinokuniya for 4 hours. After browsing and free reading, I finally bought these books: 1. Webster's New Essential Writing Handbook 2. Most Common Mistakes in English 3. Taking Minutes of Meeting 4. Copyeditor's Handbook 5.Little Mac Book 6. Indesign CS3 7.Baeb Feuk Had Kad Thai (Learning to write Thai Letters for Children) and 8.Rian Roo Pa Sa Thai (Learning Thai Language). The last two books are actually for children but I'm using them for myself. Keiron got only one book: Leadership for Dummies. We spent Baht 4400 on books today. I should have applied for the membership card which entitles the holder a 10%discount on purchases of books. I'm now at the Cafe Inn Plus, Siam Paragon. Surfing the net costs Bht40 per hour. It's now 8.24pm and both of us are hungry like wolves. We can spend the whole day here as there is a prayer room for the Muslims. Take the South lift and go down to the basement. It's situated opposite of the men's toilet.

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