Friday, 10 February 2012

Bang Dee Restaurant, Phyathai Road, Bangkok

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The owner of the one month old eatery, Bang Dee and his beautiful wife, Khun Faridah welcome you to their restaurant. Khun Faridah and her sister, Khun Husna speak English well while Bang Dee speaks Malay fluently.
The restaurant is exactly at the corner of Soi Aram Sii.

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Upper level dining area
Steps going down
Lower level dining area
Free car park in the gated compound in Soi Aram Sii
Marinated beef fried rice
Nasi goreng kampung
Seafood tomyam
Stir fried crispy chicken with basil leaves

Khanom jiib = dim sum

Bottled fresh fruit juice at THB20 each

Prayer room on the 4th floor

Bathroom is available in the prayer room.

Bang Dee Restaurant
130/21, Soi Aram Sii-Phyathai Road,
Bangkok 10400, Thailand.
Tel: 089 7872683 / 081 6360021 / 0897913785


Anonymous said...

Salam Lynn, may i know if u can propose any halal eateries that open till late at night in central Bangkok?thanks

LYNN said...
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LYNN said...

Wa'alaikumussalam wbt.
You can go to Sukhumvit Soi 3/1 @Arab Street. Some of the middle eastern restaurants are open till early morning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much-your blog is very informative to people who frequently visits Thailand and Bangkok in particular.

dede said...

thank u 4 the information,
help me to arrange itinerary for my muslim clients

Unknown said...

Yup we found this place and the food superb. Thank God for the place.

Unknown said...

Salam. Yup i went there on 29 april 2015. I came upon it after night shopping. Was looking for halal thai food. Was sick of indian halal food. Thank god we found this place and they accept us even though we came at 2130 and they close at 2200.