Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Halal food at Paradise Park, Bangkok

The Paradise Park is the latest modern shopping mall of eastern Bangkok. The building used to house the Seri Centre Department Store. It was renovated and turned into a shopping paradise with lots of greens in it. It's located adjacent to the Seacon Square on Sri Nakharin Road. You have to go there and experience the environment yourself to appreciate the deco and ambiance.

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Photo taken from Paradise Park website.

Saha farm food counter is inside the Villa Market on the ground floor. All the food served here are chicken based.

From Villa Market, walk through the food bazaar and you'll see this special rotee stall opposite of the Green Store, just before Lemon Farm Organic Store.

Walk a little bit further and turn right , you'll see the following Thai dessert stall. It's eaten like a spring roll but a sweet one.

Walk all the way to the other end of Villa Market is the SERI Market foodcourt area. There are 3 halal stalls available here:

1: This stall sells 'roti canai' with all kinds of curries.

2. Go further in the food court and you'll see this stall which sells rice with dishes, yellow chicken rice, beef soup & ox-tail soup. If you walk straight on passing the white rice cooker on your right, you'll meet the third Halal food stall. The food court is quite big. You need to know the exact location or else you may not fine the halal stalls. During my first visit, I only found the 'Rotee' stall. It's only during my second visit that I found the rest.

3. The 3rd. stall sells yellow chicken rice, salad(something similar to rojak Singapore or ado-gado) beef and ox tail soup and Thai noodles.

Various Thai curries for the noodles and can be eaten with white rice, too.
I tried the Khao soy- Chiang Mai noodles

Facing the stall above, turn left and walk till the end of the alley. You'll see the following Muslim stall called 'SAKINA' selling beef(nuea), mutton(Phae'), chicken(kai) and even village chicken (ayam kampung) or 'kai baan' in Thai.:

Since the musolla is still not ready yet, you can perform your prayers at Masjid Rahmatul Islam which is about 700m into Soi Sri Nakharin 55 (Soi Moo Ban Seri Viila Khrong Karn 2), the lane leading towards the Rama IX Royal Park.

For more info on the shops available at this mall, kindly click here.


miranti said...

is this place far from khaosan?

LYNN said...

Yes, it's in the east of Bangkok, between the Suvarnabhumi airport and the city centre. Take BTS to On Nut Station and get a cab from there.

miranti said...

any muslim food around khaosan area?

i only know MBK food court.hope you can help me with this.

thank you.

LYNN said...

Miranti, checkit out at: http://zlynn17.blogspot.com/2010/02/halal-food-in-banglamphoo.html

kAy said...

Hi Lynn, is there any halal food near sathorn asthera? I know MBK have halal, but is there any other place? thank you so much for ur info:)

LYNN said...

Hi Kay,
You can try Deen Restaurant on Silom Road, between the Hindu Temple and Silom Soi 15 and Tamil Nadu on Silom Soi 11. Kindly drop me an email at zlynn17@gmail so that I can provide you with more info, yeah.

rika dewina said...

how to get to bon marche by bts/mrt? which is best compare to aw taw kaw market? whats is operting hours for both? any hala food around?

rika dewina said...

how to get to bon marche? compare to aw taw kaw market which is best? whats operating hours for both? any halal food aroud?

LYNN said...

Dear Rika,
Are you residing in Bangkok?
Aw Taw Kaw Market it a wet market and no halal cooked food is available here but there is one beef vendor selling halal uncooked beef.
As for Bon Marche, kindly visit: http://zlynn17.blogspot.com/2010/06/halal-food-at-bon-marche-prachaniwet.html

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Lynn,
I commend and truly appreciate yr effort and content of yr blog.I will be staying in area Bang Na next week.Yr information esp on Halal Food is very helpful.I am sure many others would feel the same if not more.
Keep up yr good,rather excellent work(leisure).
Best regards n wishes,