Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Halal food at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

If you do feel hungry when you're at the airport, not to worry as you can get halal food here. The halal food in Suvarnabhumi airport is available in two different areas:

1. Between Boarding Gate E and F:
It's definitely over-priced here.

Canadian Pizza (Halal) is also available here.

2. On Level One, next to gate 8.
This is a foodcourt called the Magic Food Point. The price of food sold here is very reasonable as it caters for the airport staff. You need to buy coupons when buying food here.

If you turn left once you enter the foodcourt, you'll see the coupon counter. Walk past the counter and you'll see a halal dessert counter.

At the end of the dessert counter, you'll see a signage leading you to a small alley where another halal food stall is. This stall serves briyani rice, roti and also murtabak.

Musolla is available on Level 3. Friday prayers are performed here, too.


Mohsin said...

Hi ,
I have 19 hours stay in the Bangkok air port and then from there i have flight to Stockholm, please let me know that are they any Rest Areas available where i can have a sleep.

Or are there any cheap hotels within the Bangkok Airport where i can stay for the 16-19 hours.

LYNN said...

Dear Mohsin,
Try this hotel:
It's the nearest cheap hotel. Novotel costs about THB4000 per day. Besides, it offers a round trip transfer to the airport.

Anonymous said...

I have 12 hours stay at bangkok airport, kindly let me know if there is any prayer room (masjid / musalla) there at airport. If not at airport, is there any nearby masjid

Rachel@Tasty Thailand said...

Wow, I travel through Suvarnabhumi once a month (I live in Bangkok) and had NO idea this food court existed.

thanks for the info - will be looking for it when I leave Thailand again next month :)

nice blog by the way

Dan said...

Encik mdmisbahudin,

Surau ada di lantai 2 di kawasan ketibaan; juga digunakan untuk solat jumaat. Juga ada di sekitar pintu-pintu berlepas F sekiranya tidak bercadang untuk melepasi kawalan passport.

There is a prayer room at the arrival floor; with full Friday prayers service on Fridays. If you are in transit and do not plan to go beyond the passport control, look for another prayer room nearby F gates.

Useful phrase: Hong lammaad you nhai? literally = Bilik Solat duduk mana?

Sarah Abdul said...

Been in Bangkok recently and we tried the food in Magic Food Court. We are about to having our lunch after bought a food from the halal stall, then we realize that they are using the same plate used by the other non halal stall. Which means that it is already mixed with the non halal food every time they wash/ clean it. We are very disappointed once we knew this and have to buy another food (this time we asked them to put it in a polystyrene for take away) ..and hopefully, they are washing their kitchen stuff on their own not mixed with the other non halal stall :(

Anonymous said...

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