Friday, 18 September 2009

Fahana Italian Restaurant Bangkok

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Craving for Halal Italian and Vietnamese food in Bangkok?

Head straight for Fahana Italian and Vietnamese Restaurant, on Rama 9 Road, going towards the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Drive past the Ramkhamhaeng Intersection and look out for SHELL petrol station. Slow down once you see SHELL and Fahana is situated in a shoplot not far from it. It has a cosy dining area on the first floor and provides a private dining area on the second floor and a musolla on the third floor.

Half-eaten beef lasagne
Spaghetti Olleio (not sure of the spelling...must check it out again.)

Fresh homemade bread


Vietnamese beef noodle

Creamy chocolate cake

Fahana Italian Restaurant
No. 939, New Rama IX Road, Bangkok 10250, Thailand
Tel: 02-369-2366, 02-369-2367, 02-718 3557

A few doors away is another Halal restaurant serving Thai noodles and other Thai dishes.

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Thanks for the blog and info on restaurants na. Very helpful!