Wednesday, 27 May 2009

No smoking in Sukhothai, please!

Sukhothai declared itself as Thailand's first antismoking historic city to mark the World No Tobacco Day on May 31. Provincial health official Dr Boonterm Tansurat said that the project, sponsored by Thai Health Foundation, aimed to promote and campaign for people's cooperation for a culture of not smoking in public places. The MOU would be signed by some 30 public and private agencies to make all their offices smoke-free zones.Citing a National Statistics Office survey in 2007 that Sukhothai had 93,709 smokers (88,088 were men), he said that an antismoking campaign was needed to have the smokers quit and protect the nonsmokers' health, or else 33,110 of the Sukhothai smokers would die prematurely.

Source:The Nation

Thailand goverment is very serious in carrying out the anti-smoking campaign. Smoking is prohibited in clubs and almost all public places. The condo I'm living in, for example, is a non-smoking zone. Stickers with the no-smoking sign are all over the compound: at the lobby of all blocks, in all the lifts and at the pool area. I wonder if this can be done in Malaysia, too?


Diana said...

really bad news for smokers.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

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