Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Eat's My World- the latest Halal restaurant in Bangkok

I've very sad and sorry to inform you that this favourite restaurant of mine and many of us is no longer in existence. It was destroyed in blazing fire in the recent black incident in Bangkok. However, I do hope that there would be another "Eat's My World' in Bangkok, soon.
-May 2010

If you're in Bangkok, you must not miss dining at the latest Halal restaurant in town.

Eat's My World is a new restaurant located on the 7th floor of Central World(Zen's side), next to Singapore Chicken Rice (which will be in operation soon). It's only 3 months old. It opens daily, 10am-10pm.
Featuring 100% halal cuisines from around the world prepared by young chefs: Bilal and Yassin from Paris, France. Menu includes burritos, cheeseburgers, tangine, yassa, steak, grilled duck and tom yum goong.
Lunch set: THB 149
Steak set: THB 249
Dinner set: THB299
Mix My World set: THB 449
Khun Yassin welcomes everyone to his cosy restaurant & cafe which serves halal internationalcuisines from around the world.
Menuoser look at the items in the menu)

Dining area

Reading corner

Eggplant salad

Cheese burger

Chicken creole

Tom yum kung

Thai red curry

Beef burger


To get there by BTS, take Sukhumvit line and alight at either SIAM or CHITLOM. Walk along the elevated walkway from the station directly to Central World.
For more info, kindly contact 02 251 42 99/02 6351111/08 4944 6687 or send an e-mail to

Michel Phan @ Yassin, the young and trendy owner, me and Kimi

Central World provides a Muslim prayer room on the 1st floor, near entrance C which is connected to the BTS walkway. Walk straight after entering this entrance till you see the following signage:


Anonymous said...

Al hamdoullillah !

At last a new and trendy halal restaurant in Bangkok !

The concept is very original, Hmmmmmmm !

May Allah bless this place...


As salam waleykoum !

senna said...

wow! this is so cool, finally no more walks and getting taxis to pratunam area just to fill in the tummy after long hours of shopping! NOw we can savor under the roof of Central World!!! and the restaurant looks modern and contemporary! Thanks a lot for the info! it's extremely helpful. :)


Anonymous said...

Salam.... How far is Asia Hotel to Central World? Pls guide me as this is my first time to BKK.

Thank you & May Allah swt bless you and this place.


LYNN said...

Waalaikum salam wbt Sofia.
Welcome to Bangkok
If you're staying at Asia Hotel which is connected to the Rachathewi BTS station, just board the BTS and alight at Siam station, which is one station away. You can walk to Central world via th pedestrian sky walk which connects Siam BTS Station with Central World.
I hope you'll have a great stay here.

Ely Hasrul said...

hi i'm off to Bangkok tomoro, will try if we have time:D

Anonymous said...

As Salam alaykum Khun LYNN !

It's Yassin (Michel PHAN, owner EAT'S MY WORLD)

Hope everything is ok for you, inchallah !

As you know central world collapsed last week due to fire, but actually i am not sure 100% about eat's my world cause nobody can go inside CW.

I need help to collect more information about insurance and refund from Central World, do you have knowledge about that ?

Thank you for promote my restaurant on your blog, may allah protect you and all believers, amin amin


PS : add my facebook (michel phan)

Anonymous said...

hi lynn. im going to bangkok this june. is this eats my world restaurant still closed? and an off topic question, is ZEN still closed too? Thanks from Malaysia.

LYNN said...

Both are still not in operation yet. The wing which was burnt down is still in progress. The other wing which was not affected-the Isetan side- is in operation.